Spiral Magnus

Spiral Magnus

Previously known as Mecaro Akita, The Mecaro Company, now a producer of wind turbines, exhibited a model of the wind power generating Spiral Magnus at the Venture Fair Japan. The Spiral Magnus uses cylinders instead of flat blades to produce power and is thus quieter, safer and provides more power than flat blade wind turbines. The Spiral Magnus’s design is based on German physicist Dr. Magnus’s theory in which the wind velocity and pressure changes as it passes around the cylinder causing a lifting force that spins the cylinders similar to the motion of a baseball. With the spiraling fins surrounding the cylinder to catch the wind, four times as much dynamic lift is created as wind turbines with flat blades. In a wind speed of 6 meters/second, the Spiral Magnus can produce 30MWh annually which can provide for 9 average households. The Spiral Magnus can withstand winds of up 50m/sec which are only commonly found in the polar regions. The product seen here is just a smaller replica of the actual Spiral Magnus which has a propeller diameter of 11.5m and stands 12.5 tall to the center of the propeller. Due to its safe, slow rotation speed the Spiral Magnus can be placed anywhere.
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