Capacitive Touchscreen Usable with a Stylus

Capacitive Touchscreen Usable with a Stylus

At FPD International 2010, Hitachi Displays exhibited a capacitive touchscreen that can be operated using a stylus or other insulating objects.

"The disadvantage of ordinary capacitive touchscreens is that they react to fingers, but not to pens or while wearing gloves. The main advantage of this touchscreen is that it can be used while wearing gloves, or with a stylus."

This touchscreen detects information input using insulating objects by converting it to capacitance. This enables the touchscreen to be used in a diverse range of ways, such as multi-touch using several fingers, with a plastic pen for finer input, and in cold places while wearing gloves.

"This touchscreen reacts to gloves, fingernails, and non-conducting items, so it can be used in a variety of environments."

For detection control, an ordinary controller chip is utilized. If a 0.8 mm pen tip is used, the coordinate detection error is within 0.5 mm. Such high performance enables fine text to be entered.

Hitachi Displays is currently developing this product for release in the second half of 2011.

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