Nissan exhibits cutaway model of X-TRAIL FCV

Nissan exhibits cutaway model of X-TRAIL FCV

At FC EXPO 2011, Nissan Motor exhibited a cutaway model of its fuel-cell vehicle, the X-TRAIL FCV.

"This car is Nissan's first with a built-in stack. Its power output is 90 kW, its range is over 500 km, and its top speed is 150 km/h. Naturally, as it's a fuel-cell vehicle, its CO2 emission is zero."

"Currently, even fast-charging EVs take 20-30 minutes to charge, but FCVs can do a full charge in three minutes, whatever state they're in. So we think FCVs could really be used just like gasoline vehicles."

"Basically, an FCV has some components in common with an EV, including the motor, inverter, and battery. So as those become more widely used, FCVs will decrease in cost. In that sense, we've been releasing EVs first, while continuing to develop FCVs."

"I think all automakers say this, but internal combustion vehicles won't disappear, and of course, there are hybrids too. There are also EVs and FCVs. If you really just want to drive in the suburbs, an EV is sufficient, but if you need to go a long way on a single charge, or drive in cold weather, an FCV would be better. We think the choice depends on how people use their cars and in what environment."

Before FCVs can become widespread, they need to be cheaper, and fuel supply infrastructure needs to be available. It's likely to be some time before these issues are resolved.

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