EVERLEDS One-Core LED downlight with clean shadows

EVERLEDS One-Core LED downlight with clean shadows

At Lighting Fair 2011, Panasonic exhibited a one-core LED downlight, with a single light-emitting component, in its new EVERLEDS series of LED lighting.

"Previous LED products have had small LEDs built into the fixture like this, in order to produce a certain amount of light. But in that case, light is emitted from each LED, and as you can see from this photo, that causes multiple shadows. Also, if the light is placed near a wall, the silhouette is unattractive, and people have pointed out that these are disadvantages, even compared with conventional lamps. But now, by bringing all the small LEDs together, we've prevented multiple shadows from occurring, and achieved a very attractive silhouette. So that's the biggest feature of this LED light."

In addition to daylight white, warm white, and incandescent bulb white, the One-Core LED downlight produces 4,000 kelvin white light, which is suitable for commercial spaces. It also consumes about 50% less power than a fluorescent downlight, and uses 15% less power than an ordinary LED light.

"I think LED lighting is starting to become widespread now, and in a few years, nearly all lighting will use LEDs. The unique features of LEDs include energy efficiency and long life, but in addition to those features, we're researching how LED lighting can create much better skin tones and make things look really attractive. We'd like to develop products like that, and release them commercially. So from now on, we intend to work on various developments, including examples like that."

The One-Core LED downlight is available in two models: a light-collecting type, where the emphasis is on illumination directly underneath, and a dispersion type, where the emphasis is on brightly illuminating a larger area such as a hall. These models will be released on April 21, followed by an adjustable type to follow.

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