ArmKeypad – Control your music player with a tap of your arm

ArmKeypad – Control your music player with a tap of your arm

At Interaction 2011, NEC exhibited the ArmKeypad, which is currently being developed. It enables users to operate devices just by tapping their arm.

"Lots of people like listening to music while they run, so we think the ArmKeypad will be used in this sort of situation. It lets you play and stop music, adjust the volume, and select tracks."

The ArmKeypad contains a three-axis acceleration sensor. This enables it to detect whether the arm has been tapped by the right or left hand, or if the user has clapped their hands. It can also use the attenuation of the tapping vibration to detect which position on the armwas tapped. The commands entered by tapping are output to a device via Bluetooth.

"When the user is at rest, the ArmKeypad is about 90% accurate. Our goal is to have no errors even when the user is moving. Command recognition while the user is running is about 96% accurate."

"A similar technology is gesture input, but with systems like that, users have to remember which motions correspond to which commands. Being able to enter commands just by tapping a certain place is probably easy for users to remember. So that's why we're working on this system."

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