2012 Honda Gold Wing

2012 Honda Gold Wing

Honda displayed its new North American model Gold Wing at its company showroom in Aoyama. The company plans to launch sales of the 2012 model in America in May with a Japanese release slated for this Autumn.

"This model is characterized by strengthened front drive and toughness, while the rear mounts a new combination taillight, for a stylish design. The seat is now made of urethane material for more a comfortable ride. The audio functions are also greatly improved, improving usability."

It has a powerful and quiet 6-cylinder 1800cc engine, the chassis is based on a highly improved aerodynamics with an elegant flow line from front to rear, for individualistic styling befitting the flagship touring model. and it also includes a sat-nav and trip planner, and a surround sound audio system with iPod connectivity.

"The main users are anticipated to be people who buy it to replace older Gold Wing models, especially in their 40s and 50s. We have not decided yet, but we want to price it boldly lower than models up until now, so that more customers can learn the attractions of the Gold Wing."

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