Home planetarium where R2-D2 projects the night sky

Home planetarium where R2-D2 projects the night sky

  • Home Star “R2-D2”
  • SEGA

At the Christmas Toy Fair 2011, Sega Toys presented Home Star R2-D2, the first character version in its Home Star series of home planetariums. R2-D2 was a popular character in the Star Wars movies.

"In our Home Star series of home planetariums, this is the first version featuring a character."

"Lots of other companies make home planetariums, but the Home Star series uses the same optical projection system as commercial planetariums. Home Star planetariums can show about 10,000 stars."

"As well as being shaped like R2-D2 from Star Wars, this planetarium enables users to find "digital stars," which don't actually exist, in the night sky that it projects."

"One reason is that customers actually need that kind of feature. Another reason is that we wanted to create a really inspiring product, by giving the Home Star series a closer connection with Star Wars. That's how we came up with this idea."

"We hope that people who haven't used a Home Star planetarium before will find this product attractive, and start enjoying the night sky at home."

Home Star R2-D2 is priced at 6,825 yen. It'll be released on September 15.

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