Smartphone Jackets With Built-In Sensors

Smartphone Jackets With Built-In Sensors

Docomo has presented a range of prototype smartphone jackets which not only protect the phone, but add extra functions through the use of various sensors.

These hardware accessories, being developed by docomo, add a range of functions not normally accessible in a regular smartphone. The three jackets on display contained a UV and breath odor sensor, a radiation sensor, and a health management jacket which can check the users body fat and muscle ratios after exercise.

"There are various sensors on these smartphone covers, this one here has a radiation sensor. You slide the cover onto the smartphone like this, and start up a special-purpose application. Now you can measure the radiation level in the environment."

Jackets containing the sensors can be changed depending on the situation, so, for example, an office worker could check their breath before a meeting.

"When sensors are built into a smartphone, the problem is that the phone becomes thicker. And people don't always need sensor capabilities every time they carry their phone. So we think it would be better if customers who want to use sensor capabilities can buy sensors and attach them to their phone."

"Regarding commercial release, we're still considering this product, so we can't give a precise date yet. This prototype is being used as a sensor jacket for the MEDIAS WP from NEC Casio. We're still considering whether we need to provide a sensor jacket for each model, and whether we can make a jacket that can be attached to any model."

Interchangable Sensor Smartphone Jackets - Photo 1 Interchangable Sensor Smartphone Jackets - Photo 2
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