Tajima e-runner Mini Sport EV

Tajima e-runner Mini Sport EV

The e-runner Mini Sport is a compact EV sports car designed, developed and manufactured by Tajima Motor Corporation.

"As you can see, the e-runner Mini Sport is a very sporty car that lets you feel the wind through the open canopy. We started developing it two years ago, and Tajima has done everything from die making to design and manufacture."

"This car measures 2.49 m long, 1.29 m wide, and 1.09 m high. The wheel base is 1.85 m and the tread is 1.17 m. This type of vehicle is very light, at 280 kg. Its top speed is 70 km/h. On a single charge, this car can go 30 km. Its turning circle is 4.5 m. The Mini Sport is light and fast, so it's designed to give a fun ride with the wind in your hair."

This 2011 model is supplied with a 40 Ah lithium battery, but a 120 Ah battery is also available, increasing the range to 120km.

"The price with the lithium battery, including tax, is 3,675,000 yen. That's high, but it's only a guideline; we want to bring it down as much as possible, so this car can become more accessible."

The e-runner Mini Sport is currently being tested on public roads. Once the testing phase is over, Tajima Motor plans to start selling the car, offering it overseas as well as in Japan.

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