Lumix 3D1 Dual-Lens Camera

Lumix 3D1 Dual-Lens Camera

On the 16th of February, Panasonic will release the 3D1, a dual-lens 3D compact digital camera.

The camera features two 12MP sensors, two 25mm lenses, a 4x optical zoom and stereo microphone, as well as four CPU's in the engine enabling it to process Full HD video. It also has a battery life equivalent to that of a regular compact camera with a single sensor and lens. Not only can this camera be used for shooting 3D photos and video, but the dual lens and sensor combination can be used in a range of unique ways.

"This camera has two lenses and sensors, so it's like having two cameras in one. Each lens and sensor can be operated separately, so you can also use this camera to take wide-angle shots with one lens and zoom up with the other."

"This large screen is an active screen, so you can zoom in and out on it. When you touch the other screen, it becomes active, so you can zoom in and out on that. This enables you to take pictures with different fields of view in each. You press the shutter after deciding on each field of view. Then, you can check that you've taken two pictures at once."

When shooting 2D video, you can also take photos at the same time using the other lens. And here again, you can change the field of view for the video and photos.

As the rear display don't support 3D content, to see the pictures in 3D, you need to use a 3D TV.

"For people who already use a 3D TV to watch movies and so on, this camera provides a way to enjoy personal content, like pictures of children and hobbies, on a big screen. In addition, we'd like to suggest not just 3D, but fun ways of using 2D as well, to make photography even more enjoyable."

LUMIX DMC-3D1 - Photo 1 LUMIX DMC-3D1 - Photo 2 LUMIX DMC-3D1 - Photo 3 LUMIX DMC-3D1 - Photo 4
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