IC Card Features Touch Sensor For Added Secuirty When Shopping Onine

IC Card Features Touch Sensor For Added Secuirty When Shopping Onine

DNP have shown a next-generation IC card with a touch sensor on its surface, for use in online shopping.

This card, developed by NXP Semiconductors, stores handwritten information from the touch sensor, so not only are the individual characters stored, but the characteristics of the strokes are also taken into account, adding an extra layer of security to the authentication process.

"We possess a technology called cold lamination, for embedding electronic components in cards. One possibility that can be achieved using this technology is a new type of card processing technology, which puts a touch sensor on the card surface. We're now considering this possibility, so our goal at NFC & Smart WORLD 2012 is to obtain feedback from various potential markets."

Until now, personal authentication systems have generally used two elements, a physical card and a PIN number, but by adding handwritten information, even stronger security can be achieved. It's also hoped that this technology will prevent unauthorized use of PIN numbers recorded using key loggers, and reduce the cost of introducing authentication devices that use handwriting.

"We've heard that such systems are still being considered only at the experimental stage. So now, we'd like to get market feedback, and provide it as input from the Japanese side, as a way of giving something back to NXP Semiconductors."

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