D Art Smart Mobility Style – Next-generation Mobility EV

D Art Smart Mobility Style – Next-generation Mobility EV

D Art has developed the Smart Mobility Style, a new vehicle to take the place of bicycles as a form of next-generation mobility.

"The name "Style" indicates it is a new vehicle that will become an essential part of life. The concept is to create a new genre of vehicle that will take the place of bicycles. We have developed a new form of mobility that can be ridden with ease, something more than a bicycle but less than a motorcycle."

"I basically design everything. Our team members will make fine adjustments with the vehicle concept being an extension of a bicycle. There were some technical challenges, but we emphasized functional beauty."

Charging for 90 minutes can bring it to 80% charge with a projected cruising range of 40 km and top speed of 65 kph.

"Ordinarily you see two-wheelers, but our product is a three-wheeler. It has a tilt mechanism that is designed to enable safer high-speed travel. We are planning to release it in 2012, but first need to work out some minor details regarding electrical power. In principle we plan to release it in 2012."

"We are thinking of a target price of 500,000 yen, however if we can receive a government subsidy when we release it, we'd like to offer it in the 300,000 yen range."

D Art plans to sell the product primarily in Japan, however it is also looking into the possibility of overseas sales especially in Europe.

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