Touch-Based 3D Surveillance Camera System Interface

Touch-Based 3D Surveillance Camera System Interface

JVC Kenwood is developing an integrated surveillance camera system, which maps the locations of surveillance cameras in a 3D render of the building, so the user can intuitively overlook the entire area under surveillance.

"Until now, I think users had to have an image in their head of which part of the building was being monitored, based on footage from the cameras combined with written information. But this system makes it very easy to understand which part is being monitored, by putting it in a 3D context. So the user can select a camera, and manage alarm information."

A touch panel is used to change the viewpoint in the graphics and to operate the cameras. So when you pan a camera, the motion of the camera is also shown in 3D, enabling you to see where you're looking and from what angle. Mobile monitoring of several buildings or floors can also be done smoothly via the touchpanel.

"This software requires a Windows 7 PC and the sort of GPU that can handle 3D rendering. And the user needs to install the VN-V685 IP camera. If you need a recorder, you can use JVC-Kenwood's NVR recorder to monitor recorded pictures as well."

"The 3D model is handled by JVC-Kenwood designers. If we can get the design data, such as building plans, we can produce a 3D model based on that data."

The release date for this system hasn't yet been decided, but JVC-Kenwood plans to handle requests as they come in.

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