Digital Notepad with Built-in Keyboard

Digital Notepad with Built-in Keyboard

  • Digital Notepad with Built-in Keyboard

King Jim's Pomera DM100, the digital memo device you can use to take memos anytime and anywhere, now includes new features such as a straight keyboard and electronic dictionaries.

"It turns on as soon as you open it so you can immediately write a memo. It is ready to take a memo 2 seconds after you open it. It runs on batteries, and right now it has Eneloop AAA batteries. It can run on AAA alkaline batteries or AAA Eneloop batteries. It is not powered with an AC adapter. An SD card can be inserted here to store documents you have created. "

The Pomera DM100 is 24.5 mm at its thickest point and 11.6 mm at its thinnest. The screen is a 5.7-inch TFT monochrome LCD with backlight that is capable of detailed display with its SVGA resolution.

"The DM100 is loaded with the Meikyo Japanese dictionary MX, Genius English-Japanese dictionary MX, and Genius Japanese-English dictionary MX. When creating a document, to reference the Japanese dictionary simply press this button and the dictionary search screen immediately appears to allow you to do a search. To use it as a keyboard, press the keyboard button and this will enable you to use it as an iPhone or iPad keyboard. By selecting file transfer, you can send data created on the Pomera to a Bluetooth-enabled PC. As with the DM-20, a QR code conversion feature is now included on the DM-100. By pressing this button, a previously created document is instantly converted to QR code. This can then be read by a mobile phone or iPhone with the proper app so that it is immediately imported as text, which can be attached to an email and sent. "

In addition the DM100 has a calendar function, can display text vertically, and can create tables. It can also have two files open simultaneously so that you can copy and paste from file to file. The DM100 has a suggested retail price of 37,800 yen and is currently on sale.

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