LEXUS Adds F SPORT Package to RX Series of SUVs

LEXUS Adds F SPORT Package to RX Series of SUVs

LEXUS has partially redesigned three models in its RX series of SUVs, to offer F SPORT versions.

"Broadly speaking, the series now includes the base grade and F SPORT versions. This is the F SPORT. We've given the front end a partial redesign."

"We've done this partial redesign to appeal to global young male customers especially. We think adding a sports package will definitely make this series even more attractive."

LEXUS will emphasize the partial redesign in sales promotion. A notable feature is the signature spindle grille from the GS series.

"Our RX series of SUVs are very popular worldwide. With this upgrade, the emphasis is on the design and the ride. Regarding the design, we've given LEXUS a new look, by using the spindle grille from the GS series. That makes these models much more impressive. Regarding the ride, by offering the new option of an F SPORT package, we'd like to meet the needs of our more demanding customers."

LEXUS sells 500,000 cars annually worldwide. The new line-up boasts an upgraded navigation system, Dedicated Short Range Communication, or DSRC, and a Driving Safety Support System, or DSSS. Another feature is a second-generation remote touch system, for mouse-like control of navigation and audio settings. Some grades also include a rear-seat entertainment system as an option.

"In Japan, we aim to sell 600 of these (monthly), but our main market is the US. In Japan, hybrids account for a very high percentage of our sales. In the RX series too, hybrids probably account for about 70%. But in the US, that figure is only 15%, so you can see there's quite a variation among countries."

The new line-up was released on April 12. LEXUS aims for monthly sales of 600 vehicles, with the F SPORT versions accounting for nearly 200.

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