Brain artery model simulates cerebral function

Brain artery model simulates cerebral function

The Cybram 001 Cybernetic Brain Artery Model simulates the functioning of the cerebral blood vessels, so doctors can develop the skills required to perform actual operations on the brain.

Developed through joint research by Fuyo and the Saitama Medical University International Medical Center, the life size plastic body contains a blood vessel system that runs from the groin to the cerebral artery, as well as a circulation pump and pressure control circuit used to realistically simulate blood flow and pressure in the body.

"Inexperienced doctors cannot be allowed to treat a patient with an actual brain issue such as a brain aneurysm or blood vessel tumor. But, this device allows them to easily practice those types of medical procedures and thereby gain valuable experience."

The small pump unit embedded in the body is automatically controlled based on information transmitted from the blood pressure sensor, and the blood pressure and heart rate can be set through the touch panel. The maximum and minimum blood pressures and heart rate are constantly displayed in real time during operations.

"We want the industry to become aware of this device and hope that it will be used by university hospitals, educational institutions, catheter manufacturers, and manufacturers of angiography equipment."

As the body of the Cybram 001 is basically transparent, it can be used in university lectures and for testing equipment, as well as in conjunction with angiography equipment on a radiographic table.

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