Angio System Supports Hybrid Technique

Angio System Supports Hybrid Technique

At International Technical Exhibition of Medical Imaging 2012, Toshiba Medical Systems displayed its angiography system that supports a hybrid technique of simultaneously performing endovascular treatment with a catheter.

"In this hybrid system the catheterization table from Maquet has been integrated with our C-arm system (angiography system). The integration that controls mutual interference has been perfected. Until now, the catheterization table and C-arm system have moved independently, but now as each component can recognize the other's position, they are finely controlled so they do not bump into each other."

This system combines a catheterization table suitable for hybrid therapy with a ceiling-mounted x-ray angiography system. So, this system can be used for stenting an aortic aneurysm.

"This system is used by endovascular surgeons and cardiovascular surgeons in the operating room. We provide this system to operating rooms specializing in vascular surgery. If in the future hybrid surgery becomes more widespread, it is possible that neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons will also use our system."

Because this system uses a ceiling-mounted C-arm, the C-arm can be moved longitudinally and latitudinally. In addition it can be positioned not only at the patient's left or right side but also obliquely at the head, allowing a lot of space to be saved.

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