Toshiba Vantage Titan MRI system cuts power use by 25%

Toshiba Vantage Titan MRI system cuts power use by 25%

The Vantage Titan, from Toshiba Medical Systems, is an MRI system that reduces rated power use by over 25% when compared to conventional models.

"The Vantage Titan has a magnetic field strength of 1.5 tesla. It was developed to improve patient comfort by greatly enlarging the inner diameter, and design innovations were also added including illumination so that patients can relax without feeling claustrophobic while inside the examination tube."

The MRI system utilizes Toshiba's proprietary technology which eliminates the need for gadolinium contrast agent, reducing patient discomfort and making the imaging process less expensive.

"The biggest change in this MRI equipment is that it was developed with primary focus on eco-friendliness. First, for standby electricity, we reduced the amount of power that is consumed when the equipment is not in use to the minimum possible level, by 25% compared to conventional models. When the table is lowered even slightly, the equipment automatically recognizes that imaging is not being implemented, and standby electricity is turned off. In order to provide as comfortable an examination experience as possible, the MRI system was designed with a patient-friendly large open bore and with delicate coils for a much quieter examination. The Vantage Titan is also easy to use. It features a new system for swiftly and automatically aligning to the correct position even when positioning is difficult."

The Vantage Titan also features a noise reduction of over 90%.

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