Smart Washstand with Android in the Mirror

Smart Washstand with Android in the Mirror

At the Smartphone & Mobile Expo, Seraku unveiled a washstand with Android in the mirror.

"This is a smart washstand. It has Android embedded in the mirror. Because mirrors get soiled if they're touched, this smart washstand has a sensor built in, so it can be operated without touching it. One feature of this product is, you don't notice the sensor, because it's in the mirror."

The smart washstand is connected to a camera and a scale, so users can record their facial appearance and weight every day. Seraku is looking for ways to use this capability for healthcare. Also, because mirrors catch people's eyes, this product could be used as digital signage, too.

"There's a monitor on the back, and it's connected to the Android board, which connects to the Internet. We're currently using a wired LAN, but wireless LAN is OK too, and so is 3G. Each sensor is connected to Android through Arduino (a development environment)."

This smart washstand was announced for the first time at the Expo. It hasn't been installed anywhere yet, and so far, only the demo model exists. When this product goes on sale, it's expected to be priced around 4-5 million yen. So Seraku is considering a rental business model.

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