0.25mm-thick Waterproof Soft Case for iPhone

0.25mm-thick Waterproof Soft Case for iPhone

The Case Marine, Gooma's waterproof soft case for smartphones, has a waterproof rating of IPX8, which is the highest class in JIS (Japan Industrial Standards).

"This is the Case Marine. Until now, waterproof cases for smartphones haven't looked very good, as they've all been bulky. But we've developed a stylish, attractive case. It's made of 0.25mm polyurethane with a special finish. The screen part is made of acrylic. It can be used for an iPhone or a Galaxy S2. With a bit of practice, this case can be put on in about 5 seconds. When it's attached, there's a bit of slack at the back. Even if the phone is placed in water, the case makes it waterproof to everyday standards. The seal on the back has been certified by Oki Engineering; it has a JIS rating of IPX8, which is the highest level in Japan. So it keeps your smartphone waterproof down to a depth of 10m."

Because the case is just 0.25mm thick, you can even put a smartphone cover over it. The Case Marine is currently available in stores.

"Our current line-up is for the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S2. Next, we plan to release an iPad case. The Premium versions are priced at 3,000 yen ($37), and the Lite ones at 1,200 yen ($15(). The iPad case will be available for about 4,000 yen ($50)."

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