Sand-blasting Utilized to Engrave on Glass

Sand-blasting Utilized to Engrave on Glass

  • Sand-blasting Utilized to Engrave on Glass
  • Eternal

Eternal, a sand-blast art company, offers a glass engraving service using sandblasting for items such as wine bottles.

"The method we use is sand-blasting. This is a particular kind of engraving, using special sand in high-pressure air. Our service gives customers a way to preserve cherished memories, such as special occasions and words, through engraving. The original is created on PC, and transferred to a special mask. The mask is exposed to UV to transfer the design. Here, a bottle is being engraved by sand-blasting. Bottles for sparkling wines like champagne can't be engraved very deeply, but sake and liquor bottles can be engraved as deep as 2-3 mm. There are also lots of nozzle sizes available, and the size can be freely chosen, too. Basically, fine ones are for photos, and wide ones are for designs."

After the glass has been sand-blasted, an air-brush is used to add color. Decoration is also added if needed. Recently, Swarovski crystals have been popular for decoration. At Eternal, each crystal is attached by hand.

"The price depends on whether a photo is engraved or not. With a photo, the service costs 6,000 yen ($75), and without a photo, it's 4,500 yen ($55)."

As all the steps in Eternal's service are done by hand, orders usually take 3-5 days to complete.

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