Air Cast Stabilizes Injured Area with Single Straw

Air Cast Stabilizes Injured Area with Single Straw

  • Air Cast Stabilizes Injured Area with Single Straw
  • Kinoshita

The Multiprotector from Kinoshita Kogyo is a simple cast that can stabilize an injured area with the use of a single straw.

This cast is used when an injury from sports or the workplace requires the injured area to be stabilized. The cast is wrapped around the injured area and inflated to stop bleeding or to stabilize a sprain or broken bone. This air cast enables anybody to perform initial emergency treatment to stabilize an injured area before waiting for an ambulance or going to the hospital.

The Multiprotector can be completely deflated so that it becomes flat and easy to carry. Speed of recovery will vary depending on whether an injury is stabilized after going to the hospital or whether it is done immediately after the injury. The Multiprotector was developed so that an injury can be stabilized as quickly as possible prior to going to the hospital.

There is a technique called pressure training in which the cast is inflated only slightly and the leg or arm is lightly stabilized. The Multiprotector can be used in this training technique, which gets rid of fatigue due to the pressure applied while training. The cast can also be used as a leisure air pillow or a swimming float.

The Multiprotector is available online under the product name Air Gibbs Suiha. The arm version is priced at $47 and the leg version at $65.

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