Mobile Kit House That can be Taken Apart and Reassembled

Mobile Kit House That can be Taken Apart and Reassembled

  • Mobile House Kit That can be Taken Part and Reassembled
  • DCW

DCW's Zero Pod is a mobile house kit that can be taken apart and reassembled elsewhere.

"We call this product the 'Mobile Kit House' -- the name says it all. It's easy to transport, and can be taken apart and reassembled to create a house on the spot. When you have finished using it, you take it apart, load it on a truck and take it away. A key feature is that it doesn't require foundations. This model has a base, but the real thing, like the main unit we are displaying here, stands on 2 legs, so it doesn't need foundations."

The Zero Pod is height-adjustable and is suitable for installation on sites where foundations are difficult to build, or even on quite steep slopes.

"It can be put together by two women in around half a day. When you want to take it apart, pulling these anchors out is a bit hard, but even then it only takes about 1 day. All the materials will fit into a minivan. The biggest component is around 1800mm long, so if the vehicle can accommodate a 1800mm-long object, it will be able to carry it."

The Zero Pod's design is very lean and the load on the building frame has been calculated very precisely. The assembly method has been simplified and the frame structure is designed to make it lighter to transport.

"It will accommodate three people. Normally, you would have a sofa-bed that sleeps two. If you take the backrest of the sofa up to the second floor, one more person can sleep there."

DCW is currently considering what price it will ask. Because the Zero Pod can be unitized for ease of extension, the company believes it could also be used for hotel annexes.

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