Olympus 2.4mm diameter industrial videoscope is world’s thinnest

Olympus 2.4mm diameter industrial videoscope is world’s thinnest

The iPLEX TX, being developed by Olympus, is the world's slimmest industrial videoscope. It uses a compact CMOS sensor to achieve a high image quality despite being extremely slender.

"Until now, there have been fiberscopes with the same diameter, 2.4 mm. But as you can see from the picture here, we've improved the image quality enormously. In this fiberscope, there's a line from each optical fiber. That's one reason why users find it hard to see with the scope, and hard to get a good picture. Our videoscope has an image capturing device at the tip of an endoscope, and outputs the picture as an electrical signal. So, the picture is very clear."

"Compared to a conventional fiberscope, this product is 200 times more resistant to frictional wear. It also has over double the crush strength, so it's very tough."

Like previous models, the iPLEX TX uses Olympus' WiDER wide dynamic range image processing. This prevents a loss of detail in dark and light areas, so what the user sees on the display is similar to human vision.

"This videoscope can flex through an ample range. It's also more portable than previous models, and conceptually, the monitor could be worn around the neck. So this model could be used to do inspections anywhere."

"As this videoscope is so slender, we think it will be usable in far more places. For applications that require looking in narrow spaces, we think this product will have a big impact, by revealing things that weren't visible before."

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