Intelligent monitoring and warning system for vehicles – Aisin ITS

Intelligent monitoring and warning system for vehicles – Aisin ITS

The Aisin Group has shown a demonstration car featuring their latest Intelligent Transportation Systems technology, with a range of intelligent monitoring and warning systems.

"In this system, a camera detects where your face is, which way you're facing, and whether your eyes are closed. If you doze off or look away from the road, the system warns you to "Wake up," "Look where you're going," or says "That's dangerous."

"The seat sensor contains a piezo-electric sensor, which can detect your heart-beat and breathing."

"Hold your breath for a moment. If you don't breathe for 10 seconds, the system asks "Are you all right?". We envisage that the system could alert paramedics. We think it would be good if the car could brake and pull over automatically."

In a monitoring demo, this system provides pictures of the car's surroundings. It also detects hard to see obstacles located at the corners of the vehicle, and warns the driver. By checking the difference between the images from two separate overlapping camera angles to recognize 3D objects, the system requires much less computer processing than stereo vision.

"All manufacturers are working on ITS, but our system is designed to give seamless video. Also, that child with the blue ball can't be seen from the car right now. But the system recognizes that, and when you get within driving range, it warns you to "Watch out ahead, there's danger."

In the rear monitoring demonstration, a compact stereo camera is used to identify obstacles. This advanced stereo matching technology is unique to IMRA Europe. As well as detecting the road surface and walls, it can partly identify cars, people, children and bicycles. So it can assess the level of danger, depending on how the car is moving and what the object is.

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