Micro Electric Vehicle Kit for Educational Use

Micro Electric Vehicle Kit for Educational Use

The Japan EV Club and Takano have started selling an assembly kit for Jamais Contente Homage II, a micro electric vehicle for educational use. This vehicle, which was built to honor the original jamme-contant, an electric vehicle that set the world's first speed record of 100km per hour in 1899. The jamme-contant Homage II was developed as a mass production version of the prototype model.

"The Japan EV Club is a citizen's group that promotes the use of eco-friendly cars with primary focus on EVs. We're also focused on educating both children and the general public. To best educate people and help them understand the various aspects of EVs, a kit would greatly simplify the studying process. Rather than providing a completed vehicle, we're offering a vehicle assembly kit. The kit enables users to understand the structure well. The kit can be used by universities, junior colleges, automotive vocational schools, auto mechanic associations, and companies interested in getting into the EV business. If such a company wants to learn about EVs beginning with the basics, they can buy this kit and then run an in-house training workshop."

The Jamais Contente Homage II is 2.495 meters long, 1.29 meters wide, 1.22 meters tall, and weighs 187 kilograms. It has a top speed of about 65 kilometers per hour, with a cruising range of 50 kilometers. It can receive a vehicle registration and is street legal.

"We're going to hold a Jamais Contente Homage II presentation and test-ride event for the general public in Nagano Prefecture's Hara Village on July 1 and 2. Attending just the presentation might not be that interesting, but if anyone wants to take a test ride, all they have to do is contact the Japan EV Club. We'll announce official pricing and how to purchase the kit there, but right now we're looking at a price somewhere between 2 and 3 million yen ($25,000-37,500) and will probably set the price closer to 2 million yen ($25,000)."

Customers who have signed a purchase agreement are slated to take delivery of the kits in November. Workshops on how to assemble the kits are planned for buyers.

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