Digital Puppet Instrument Is Played by Opening Its Mouth

Digital Puppet Instrument Is Played by Opening Its Mouth

Keromin, from Troche, is a digital puppet instrument. It's played by opening the puppet's mouth to vary the pitch. Rhythm and volume can also be controlled, using switches on the puppet's arms.

"This puppet is easy to relate to, so it's a toy as well as an instrument, and it can also be used as a communication tool. Keromin makes everyone smile, so it brings people together right away."

Keromin runs on four AA batteries, and it can deliver an audio output. There's a speaker built into Keromin's belly, too.

"You can also vary the pitch with one puppet. If you flick the switch, you get a fixed sound when the mouth is open. So, you can set each puppet to make a different sound, and play them like hand-bells. Basically, there are two versions. The big one here is Keromin, and the little one with a speaker is called Kokeromin."

Keromin is priced at 49,875 yen, or $620, and Kokeramin at 9,980 yen, or $125.

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