3D/4D ultrasound hologram printing service using Pioneer’s compact holographic printer

3D/4D ultrasound hologram printing service using Pioneer’s compact holographic printer

Pioneer has announced a service that prints the expressions of unborn babies as 3D holograms, using a compact full-color hologram printer developed by the company last year.

"When an expecting mother has a check-up, a 3D/4D echogram is made, and that contains 3D data. So, we suggest taking pre-birth photos of the baby, by skillfully processing that data."

This device can record full color card-sized Lippmann hologram in 120 minutes with one color holograms taking 90 minutes.

"Previously, holograms were produced by making a model of the subject, shining two lights on the model, and photographing it. That method involved a lot of work, because it required a darkroom, knowledge of techniques, and specialized equipment. But with the device we've developed, even if you don't have the actual object, as long as you have a CG design, then that can be used to record a hologram easily."

The recording medium is a high-performance film specifically for holograms, called Bayfol HX, from Bayer Material Science. The hologram is visible within a 23 degree viewing angle, and is 200 components high and 300 wide, with each component containing 60 points of view vertically and horizontally.

"This method works by shining light containing information about the object from one side of the recording material, and reference light from the other side, and recording the state of interference between the two light sources in the material. A hologram is created by regularly arranging the recordings on the medium."

As these holograms can be used to commemorate births, and Lippmann holograms can be viewed clearly in white light, Pioneer is exhibiting holograms in card-case holders and jewel-boxes with white LEDs.

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