Send a scent with your message with the Scentee (ChatPerf) smartphone addon

Send a scent with your message with the Scentee (ChatPerf) smartphone addon

This device is an attachment for smartphones which enables scent to be used in mobile communication or games.

"For example, suppose you want to send a message to a friend via a social network, maybe because you know your friend is tired. You can use this to send a relaxing scent along with your message. You can also use it to add scent to the notification sound whenever you get a new e-mail. We also think this device could be used with games. It could have all kinds of applications, so for example, in a shooting game, shots could be accompanied by the smell of gunpowder."

"Regarding our business model, the idea is that customers will be able to buy all kinds of scents in tanks like this."

"When we release this, we'd like to offer several kinds of game and social content ourselves. We've already released an SDK that links applications and devices. So, we hope that developers, both companies and individuals, will turn lots of ideas into apps."

"This is still a prototype and it uses the dock connector compatible with smartphones up to the iPhone 4S. We'd also like to support Android phones, so our version for release this September will connect to the phone's earphone jack. The design will also be a lot more stylish. So, this is really something to look forward to."

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