World’s smallest electronic components are smaller than a grain of sand

World’s smallest electronic components are smaller than a grain of sand

Murata Manufacturing has developed the world's smallest chip ferrite beads, which are 0201 size, with dimensions measuring 0.25 x 0.125mm. Chip ferrite beads are electronic components used in smartphones and other mobile devices. Their role is to eliminate noise from electronic equipment and prevent errors in operation.

Last year, Murata also developed similar sized monolithic ceramic capacitors and chip inductors. Even though they are incredibly small, systems which can mount them in devices are currently available, and Murata is working on mass production technology with the aim of providing samples this fiscal year.

"Compared with the 0402 size, which was the smallest available until now, these products have 75% smaller volume. The main application for this 0402 size is smartphones. A smartphone contains about 500 of these, or even more. So, by making each one smaller, the area needed overall can be reduced quite a lot."

"The 0201 size monolithic ceramic capacitors we announced last year are so small, people asked us whether they could really be mounted in devices and mass-produced. Here, the capacitors are inside this glass, and there's a huge number in here. This is how we've made it possible to mass-produce them. This video shows them being mounted on a board, in collaboration with Fuji Machinery and Panasonic. Here's the actual board with the products mounted. It shows how these different sized capacitors can be mounted together."

"We think 0201 size components will be needed for future smartphones and wearable devices. They'll be essential in five or ten years' time, so such devices can have all kinds of capabilities, and be even more compact."

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