What Is the Safest Way to Buy ETH? Ensuring Safety and Security

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies, can we say that the field is completely safe and secure? Skeptical people would say that investing money in coins that you cannot physically own is a 100 percent unsafe move. But on the other hand, there are those who see the glass as half full and their answer to this question would always be yes.

The last few years have shown us that the world of digital assets is a real rollercoaster, so we can freely agree with both sides because both have excellent arguments to defend their opinion. The rare but still present cyber-attacks in the crypto world are a big obstacle for any new interested investor in some of the current coins. So, each of us has one question in our mind, is there a safe way to buy and sell digital currency and thus somehow protect ourselves from the lurking threats? If you’re one of the thousands who have their eye on Ethereum and want to be a part of this international exchange, stick around until the end as we’ll reveal some key things to help you do it as safely as possible.

Before we introduce you to the tricks that will help you stay safe with every ETH purchase or sale, let’s first introduce you to the places where you can do this. Following are some options where ETH coins are transferred daily, and you can find yourself there too.

CEXs – Centralized Exchanges

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If you want a platform that will be easy to use, then this is a good choice. One of the advantages that makes it the first choice for many is that it is extremely easy to use, and you will be able to see that yourself right away. Another advantage is that the amount of coins you can buy or sell is unlimited and there are multiple methods of buying.

DEXs – Decentralized Exchanges

Unlike the first interface, peer to peer exchange takes place here. There is no third party or authority that interferes in the exchange of ETH coins, the buyer and the seller are the main actors. It is ideal to use if you are a beginner, as P2P offers more security than anything else.

P2P Platforms

If we were to compare these places for the sale of digital coins with everything else, we can notice that they are the most ideal place to make such an exchange. It is for several reasons, one of which is the direct connection of the buyer and the seller without intermediaries, and the second benefit is a reduced commission that is convenient for both parties. If you want the best platform then we recommend P2P Cryptomus.

What measures can you take to be completely sure that your investments or transfers will be secure? Although some of these marketplaces offer you anonymity on a large scale, when it comes to security, it’s better to take the right steps.

2 Factor Authentication

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When money is involved, you must be extremely careful with handling your account on any of the platforms. But to create an extra layer of security you must be careful about what type of password you use and how you store it. Enabling the 2-factor authentication setting can guarantee the security of your account by only receiving an additional code on your mobile phone every time you want to log in or buy or sell Ethereum. If this option is available to you, then we recommend that you use it.

Choosing a highly secure platform

As people’s interest in cryptocurrencies has grown, so has scammers’ interest in being a part of this business. There are a large number of platforms on the Internet that have been created for one purpose only, and that is the theft of digital assets. That’s why you need to do some deeper research to choose a platform you can trust. It can be someone recommended to you by a close friend, or you can click on the link above.

Take small steps

No one got rich overnight by selling ETH, these people did deep analysis and followed the market to make their decision to buy or sell this coin at the right moment. To keep security at an enviable level, follow this step and we promise you won’t go wrong. If you are at the very beginning of this digital currency trading adventure, then this gameplay will help you gain the necessary experience to further sell ETH with confidence and without fear.

Follow the news

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There is a saying that bad news travels fast, so you need to be in the middle of the action when this bad news breaks. There are a number of websites that are dedicated exclusively to news related to the crypto world. Bookmark these sites and follow the daily happenings in the world. Here you will also come across articles related to various threats that may concern you. You can also join many social networking groups that are dedicated to the same purpose of keeping this community safe.

What wallet will you use?

You may think that this is not such an important detail in this whole process, but it is not true. The type of wallet you will use is the same as which bank you will use to store your money. You must have complete trust that your ETH coins will be safe here. Using a hardware wallet can significantly reduce the risk of online fraud and attacks, because the password for it is stored offline and only you can know and use it.

Cryptocurrency trading has its advantages and disadvantages. In no case can your security be 100% assured, but there are several measures that will help you provide yourself with such an environment. Today we have presented you only a small part of these measures or steps or tricks, whatever you want to call them. We think they can be a good weapon to fight cyber attacks. Thanks to them, you will be able to have a positive and as safe as possible experience in buying and selling ETH coins.